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Chef Doak,
     My husband purchased the deluxe set for me on my birthday last year, after watching one of your demonstrations at the Mesa Market Place. Although I am certain it was more for him than for me (he loves my cooking), I have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to use the cookware. I have found the meats to be much more juicy and full of flavor, even with minimal seasoning.
I have also been able to attend a few of your cooking classes, and have found them very helpful.


Chef Doak,
     I attended your class last November where you showed us how to cook the Sweet potato Turkey. I wanted something a little different for the holiday, and let me tell you it was a huge success. My kids and grandkids loved it.

Thank You,
     Donna, Prescott AZ

     I got the cookware a little over a month ago, and I am loving it already. I was a little concerned about the price, but it has been well worth it. My family and I are eating in a lot more, and cooking has even become a family event.

     Carol, Mesa AZ

     Truly one of the best investments I have made.

Thank You,

     I bought my set over a year ago for my wife, and she loves it. It is easy to cook with and easy to clean.

     Frank, CA

Chef Doak,
     We splurged and bought the Executive set last year, and I love it. My family gets together once a month for a big family dinner and the stack cooking has made cooking for 9 so much easier. I also have enjoyed trying out the recipes on the website.

     Stephanie, Tempe AZ

Chef Doak,
     We were in Arizona last year and were able to catch your cooking show. It was very entertaining and educational. I never realized how many nutrients were lost in the typical cooking process. My husband and I have had a lot of medical problems due to our diet, so we decided to give the cookware a shot. We purchased the deluxe chef set, and in less than a year we have already seen a vast improvement in our health and overall well-being.
     We eat in a lot more, we cook meals together, and we have both lost weight. I myself have more energy and actually enjoy cooking and picking out meals. We are hoping to catch one of your classes when we are in town this year.

Thank You,
     Sarah and Jake

     We got our set as a wedding gift from my parents. At first I had trouble using it, and burned a lot of things. Then my mother suggested making a trip out to the Mesa marketplace to watch your presentation, and maybe take one of your classes. I am glad I did. I finally understood what I had been doing wrong. I started cooking everything at a lower temperature and started reading the manual.
I love the set now, and have even recommended it to my friends.

     Shelly – AZ

     I love this cookware. Everyone is always asking me what my secret ingredient is when we have company over for dinner. The food just tastes better. The vegetables are crisper, the meat has more flavor, and my stews are always a hit. We made chili for a cook off last week and brought home the trophy.
I cannot say enough about this cookware.

     Tracy, Payson AZ

     We purchased the pans last year when we were in Arizona on the layaway plan. We got it paid off during the summer and received the set, unfortunately one of the pans was missing. I contacted the chef; he was very friendly and corrected the situation right away.
The pans are great and the customer service is top of the line.

Happy as can be,

     We love the cookware; however my husband is a contractor and we move a lot. Every time we move I have to relearn the cookware, because every stove is different. We had a glass top in the last house, which I hated, the cookware took a little longer to heat up, and cleaning the stove was a giant pain. The new house has an older stove that heats up super quick which means the pans heat up a lot faster… I definitely burned a few meals when we first moved in. Once I got used to it though, the meals are getting cooked a lot faster, which makes my boys super happy. LOL.
Hoping to talk my husband into the Turkey Roaster for Christmas.

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