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      Healthy Life Vapor Valve Cookware is designed to cook waterless, greaseless, and works on any range including glass tops and the new induction ranges. It is different from both the less expensive cookware on display in the discount department stores and the increasingly popular commercial quality cookware that you see in higher end upscale stores. Traditionally, water-less cookware was only available at the in-home dinner parties where a chef was sent to your home and cooked a private meal for your friends and family or via cooking show hosts who do healthy cooking demonstrations at Consumer Trade Shows or Fairs. Why have we chosen this form of marketing? Prior to the Chef Doak website, there was no other way to explain the principles of waterless and greaseless cooking. Today, waterless and greaseless cookware is available on the internet. Albeit, beware not all cookware that claims to be “waterless” and “greaseless” truly are.

     The quality of waterless and greaseless cookware varies greatly from company to company and cookware to cookware. At Healthy Life, we know that the best quality cookware is expensive to manufacture, and as you know, “You get what you pay for”. This is why the use of our demonstrations and Chef Doak website, will show you how it works; cooking real food under real conditions!

     Although it’s expensive, a good set of our waterless and greaseless cookware is no more expensive than the popular commercial designed cookware that you will see in upscale stores. Waterless cookware lasts longer and does so much more! A set of Healthy Life Cookware is a lifetime investment in a healthier lifestyle!

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